Bee Stinger MicroHex Counter Slide w/Dovetail



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Perfectly offset the weight of your sight, rest, and quiver for a perfectly balanced bow

  • Countervail Technology reduces vibration and noise significantly

  • The dovetail mount allows you to quickly remove your stabilizer when storing it in the case or strapping it to your pack

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Fine-tune additional weight distribution both forward and back

  • 5 Individual 1 oz. weights and sliding bracket allow for minute adjustments to achieve the perfect balance

  • Exclusive Countervail Technology delivers 40% less vibration

The MicroHex Counter slide with dovetail offsets the weight of bow accessories stabilizing your bow resulting in a more accurate shot. MicroHex technology also significantly reduces vibration during the shot, added to a better-stabilized sight picture and you will quickly become more accurate and deadly in the field.

Material Carbon
Weights (5) 1 oz
Bee Stinger

Bee Stinger MicroHex Counter Slide w/Dovetail


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