B3 Archery Exact Competition Hunter Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight

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***Updated pictures coming soon. The sight housing and sight slider in pictures #1 and #2 do not depict the Mathews Bridge-Lock Bar. The Mathews Bride-Lock Bar is shown in pictures #3 and #4. When you purchase this item you will receive the sight housing, sight slider, and the Mathews Bridge-Lock Bar.***

The Exact Competition Hunter Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight from B3 Archery is an ultralight hunting sight that is packed with features and is a perfect match for your Mathews bow.

Why we like this product
  • Mathews Archery Bridge-Lock sight bar is designed for a perfect dovetail fit in the Mathews riser
  • Machined aluminum parts provide a durable platform
  • Angled sight tape provides better visibility when dialing in the yardage
  • All steel pins deliver brightness and strength
  • 3 axis adjustments
  • Fast pitch elevation rod allows for rapid vertical adjustments when needed
  • Micro-adjustable windage unit available; under .001” per click with no excess travel
    The B3 Archery Exact Competition Hunter Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight is an ultralight slider sight that perfectly combines the best of the hunting and target archery worlds, designed for a perfect fit to the Mathews riser. This feature-packed sight is made of fully machined metal parts, built to exceptional quality, and high attention to detail. The Exact Competition Hunter uses an angled sight tape configuration for easy viewing and adjusting without having to move the bow, 15 stick-on sight tapes are included with each sight. Three-axis adjustments are available on the sight to get the most accuracy and forgiveness out of your setup. Vertical adjustments for distance can be achieved through very accurate single clicks or with fast adjustments thanks to the fast pitch elevation rod.
    Sight Type Slider
    Number of Pins Four
    Pin Size .019
    Adjustment 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustment with micro-adjust windage
    Material Machined aluminum
    Manufacturer Warranty No charge for repairs caused by defects in the material 
    B3 Archery

    B3 Archery Exact Competition Hunter Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight


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