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The Ghost BG hinge release from B3 Archery features a comfortable no-slip grip, rear sear adjustment for fine-tuning, and the ability to change between three and four-finger configurations.

Why we like this product
  • Texture coated grip provides consistent hand placement and pressure
  • Well-balanced for smooth and controlled rotation
  • Easy to adjust rear sear system
  • Auto locking hook return
  • Users can easily swap between three and four-finger configurations
  • Includes four pelican sears for customizing the feel of the release
The B3 Archery Ghost BG Release features a great textured coating on the grip to provide consistent hand placement and reduce hand slip with an awesome grey finish. The well-balanced design of the Ghost BG lends itself to a smooth and controlled rotation of the release for increased accuracy. Archers can easily adjust the release for travel through the patent-pending rear sear adjustment system and can experiment with the four provided unique pelican sears to find the perfect fit for their shooting style. The Ghost BG was designed with all new geometry to improve leverage built into the release for shot-to-shot repeatability and consistency. The Ghost BG has an ergonomically crafted handle for an amazing feel in the hand and comfort for all-day shooting. The auto-return hook for the Ghost BG allows for a fast and easy release reset helping with follow-up shots. It also features B3 Archery's patented star drive system which allows for a three or four-finger shape with multiple positions available. The release will come with the new knub and four-finger extensions which will give you the ability to shoot the release how you prefer. Included are four unique pelican sears to find the optimum setting for any archer.
Weight 1.7 oz
Adjustable Travel Yes
Jaw Type Open
B3 Archery

B3 Archery Ghost BG Release


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