Aziak Equipment Garmin Device Backpack Mount

The Garmin Device Backpack Mount is an ultra-lightweight mount that secures your Garmin device to your backpack for easy access and rock-solid storage.


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Why we like this product

  • Ultra-lightweight nylon construction weighing in at just 0.5 oz
  • Creates a solid connection to your backpack, keeps the device from bouncing around while hiking
  • Mount can be attached vertically or horizontally on any strap or webbing
  • Made in the USA

The Aziak Equipment Garmin Device Backpack Mount allows you to mount your Garmin device quickly and securely to nearly any backpack. The Backpack Mount can be attached either vertically or horizontally to any webbing and straps. It gives quick access to your Garmin Device, easily slide the device into the mount until it clicks for a rock-solid connection. One push of a tab and you can slide the device right back out to drop a waypoint or send a message. The Garmin Spine Adaptor is required to use the Backpack Mount with the Garmin InReach Mini 1 and 2. The Backpack Mount is a rigid mount system and will keep your device from bouncing around on the carabiner as you hike through the woods.


Weight 0.5 oz
Material Nylon
Compatible Devices inReach SE+ & Explorer +
GPSMAP 62, 64, 65, 66, 79, and 86
Rino 610, 650, 655, 700, 750, and 755
Alpha 10, 100, 200, and 200i
Astro 320, 430, and 900
eTrex 10, 20, 22, 30, 32, and 35
Oregon (all models)
Colorado 300 and 400
Dakota 10 and 20
Garmin Spine Adapter Compatible  inReach Mini 1 and 2 devices


Aziak Equipment

Aziak Equipment Garmin Device Backpack Mount


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