Axil GS Digital 2 Ear Buds

Get rid of the bulky earmuffs and have added comfort and improved hearing performance throughout your day with the Axil GS Digital 2 Earbuds.


Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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Why we like this product

  • Earbuds are pre-tuned for high fidelity and most listening environments
  • Utilizes advanced Digital Sound Compression hearing protection
  • Filters out background noises and is wind resistant, wind noise will not be played through the earbuds
  • Shuts out sounds over 85 DB to protect your ears from the percussion of a gunshot
  • Foam tips (included) are rated at 29 DB SNR, Silicone tips (included) are rated at 18 DB SNR
  • ABS, medical grade, non-allergenic acrylic shells house a standard #10A earing battery

The Axil GS Digital 2 gives you an ultra-small, lightweight solution for your hearing needs. Place the GS Digital 2 earbuds in your ear and start hearing more immediately. Within minutes, most people forget they're even wearing the GS Digital 2 device. The GS Digital 2 offers one of the best digital hearing and protection values combined in a small in-ear device. Great for any environment where you need to maintain good hearing while protecting your ears simultaneously. Thanks to the advanced Digital Sound Compression (DSC) hearing protection system will kick in and shut out sounds that are 85 DB or louder. The earbuds also filter out background noises and are resistant to wind noise so you can hear what your hunting partner is saying clearly while wearing the earbuds.

Weight 1.2 oz (earbuds, large foam tip, batteries, and case)
4" x 3.5" x 1.25" (in hard carrying case)
Protection Rating
29 DB NRR (Foam Tips), 22 DB NRR (Silicone Tips)
Includes One set of earbuds, foam tip set (S and M), silicone tip set (M and L), #10A hearing batteries, one set of concha extenders, and a hard carrying case
Manufacturer Warranty Limited one-year warranty for replacement or repair with paid $60 (per ear) deductible

Axil GS Digital 2 Ear Buds


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