Argali Carbon Knife

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goHUNT Highlights 

  • The Argali Carbon knife is a perfect lightweight option for the hardcore backcountry hunter

  • Full-length handle for strength but still lightweight

  • Used on Campos's Colorado OTC bull in 2019

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weighs just 1.8 oz

  • Adjustable tension sheath

  • S35VN steel for superior strength and edge retention

  • Warranty - Lifetime

If you only want to take one knife into the backcountry, this is the one for you. We've used the Argali Carbon knife to cut up an entire bull elk without the need for resharpening. It's made from premium S35VN steel for superior edge retention and textured G10 handles to keep it secure in your hand no matter the circumstances. This carbon knife is razor-sharp with a full handled ergonomic grip with the weight of a skeletonized knife. The Kydex sheath comes with a single tension screw to allow you to customize how hard your knife "locks" in.

Weight 1.8 oz
Material CPM-S35VN (Stainless)
Overall Length 7.25"
Blade Length 3.25"
Handle Length 4"
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Works on turkeys

Made quick work of the turkey. Excited to use on larger game. Feels nice in hand, very grippy, and the blade is sharp and stays that way. No complaints. Would also make for a great camping knife—I’ll probably use it for more things than I was expecting

Awesome Knife

I have owned dozens upon dozens of knives in my life. This one is tied for first, and probably will take the spot. Great feel, great size not only for hunting but as an EDC as well. Very well executed design.

Great all around knife!

Could not be more happy with the Argali Carbon Knife. It performs flawlessly in a multitude of hunting and fishing conditions. The stock of the knife is right on. In my opinion knives are away overbuilt anymore which leads to poor cutting performance. I love the textured orange G10. Very secure grip. Skeletonizing not only lightens blade but allows to you put a finger through for a sure grip going in for a diaphragm cut for example, if that is your thing. The orange also pops in the field allowing you to find it. Have owned a Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 out of S35VN for years and I can tell you this steels holds up to the hype, it is really great. Placed this on a lanyard and using it around my neck. Love the set up! Thanks goHUNT for the excellent customer service.

Excellent Knife

From the moment you hold this knife you can tell it is of solid quality. That it’s only more solidified as you begin to use it. Would not hesitate to buy again should the need arise. Which of course it won’t since it’s guaranteed forever.

Argali Carbon Knife

Excellent all around knife.

The knife is sized appropriately for reaming out the pelvic cavity if you are like me and choose not to carry a bone saw while backpack hunting. The blade profile is thin, but rigid enough that it allows you to cut through tendons at knuckle joints and gently work the blade through the joint for separation. Additionally, the slight curve profile of the knife reduces the chance of puncturing the stomach and intestinal tract while field dressing.

It's also appropriately sized to accomplish field caping on horned/antlered game. The fine point allows the user to sufficiently work the blade around the antler base as well as the deep eye ducts that are prevalent in mule deer. Turning ears, nose, lips, and eyelids with this knife is doable, but I still prefer to use a small scalpel for this type of work.

The handle length fits my size hand well (large glove profile), but those with very large hands may find it too short depending on how they hold a knife. The girth of the handle feels like a traditional knife, yet in a lightweight, skeltonized package...genius! The handle material is extremely grippy and gives the user confidence while working with bloody hands.

My only suggestion is to extend the jimping the entire length of the blade's topside. This would allow all users, regardless of finger length to take advantage of this feature that assists with blade control.

Highly recommend this knife to all backpack hunters....well done Argali!

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