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Adventure Medical Kits QuikClot Gauze

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- Stops bleeding 5x faster than a regular gauze
- Easy to use
- Lightweight, just half of an ounce

Adventure Medical Kits new QuikClot Gauze is a great add on to your backcountry first aid kit. Often times small first aid kits will have a mixture of band-aids and butterfly bandages. While these are great items, they can only do so much for a more severe cut. The QuikClot Gauze is treated with kaolin which helps your blood clot at a much faster rate. Kaolin is inorganic, inert, and non-allergenic making it safe and effective. QuikClot has been used by the U.S. Military for years and it is a great item for hunters to add into their first aid kit. Whether you accidentally cut yourself cleaning an animal, have a nasty fall, or have a bad run-in with a broadhead the QuikClot gauze will help ensure you don't lose too much blood. It is flexible and pliable allowing you to conform it to any wound. Both sizes weigh half an ounce so you won't even notice it in your pack. The 4 foot option gives you extra material and has the ability to absorb more blood than the 2 foot option. The 2 foot option is slightly lighter and smaller than the 4 foot version.

Sizes 3" x 2' 3" x 4'
Weight .4 oz .5 oz
Package Dimensions 5" x 4.5"  6" x 4.5"
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