AAE Tungsten 3oz Weight

Take your archery game to the next level with the remarkable AAE Tungsten 3oz Weight. Precision machining, a standard 5/16 x 24 thread size, and a matching size and shape to AAE steel weights make this weight a bold and powerful addition to your stack. Upgrade your performance now!


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Why we like this product

  • Same size and shape as standard steel weights
  • Save space but keep the same weight
  • Standard thread size

The incredible AAE Tungsten 3oz Weight offers a powerful addition to your weight stack. Its precision machining, standard 5/16 x 24 thread size, and matching size and shape with AAE steel weights make it the perfect choice for any archer looking to enhance their performance.

*Includes: 1 (single) Black 3oz AAE Tungsten Weight.


AAE Tungsten 3oz Weight


Built by GOHUNT

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