AAE AIRAZR Pro Arrow Vanes - 50 Pack

Experience the ultimate high-speed, high-performance vane on the market with the AAE AIRAZR Pro Arrow Vanes. Prioritizing weight and stiffness, this vane is a must-have for any passionate hunter in pursuit of success.


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Why we like this product

  • AIRAZR material is lightweight, stiff, and EXTREMELY quiet
  • Great adhesion to arrows
  • With these dimensions, 1.7" x 0.46", the AIRAZR Pro is one of the smallest, stiffest vanes on the market

Introducing the AAE AIRAZR Pro Arrow Vanes, the pinnacle of evolution in arrow vane technology. Crafted to be lightweight, stiff, and exceptionally fast, the AIRAZR vane delivers unparalleled performance. What sets it apart is its remarkable quietness, ensuring minimal disturbance during the crucial moment your entire hunting season has led up to!

Dimension 7.7" x 0.46"
Weight 4.3 grains

AAE AIRAZR Pro Arrow Vanes - 50 Pack


Built by GOHUNT

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