Aquamira Water Treatment Overview


Water Wherever You Need It: Aquamira Water Treatment Overview

Water purification options come in many shapes and sizes. With a plethora of filter options out there, one method that stands above the others in terms of lightweight and ease of use is water purification drops made by Aquamira. Staying properly hydrated is essential while hunting. If you’re not adequately hydrated then you will not hunt hard, your mind will not be thinking clearly, plus your recovery time at night will be slower, and overall, it’s just not safe.

Aquamira drops are chlorine dioxide drops that come in two small containers (Part A and Part B). Unlike iodine or other treatments, Aquamira drops will not discolor your water and can improve the taste. No water source is 100% safe to drink out of while in the mountains, no matter how pure it may look. Aquamira protects against 99.9% of bacterias, viruses, cysts, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. While on a hunt, the two major sources of waterborne illnesses that you need to be protected against are Giardia and Cryptosporidum.

An Aquamira kit contains everything you need to treat up to 30 gallons of water and will last for many years of backcountry use. Simply place 8 drops of both Part A and Part B in a the supplied cap, wait five minutes then add to 1 liter of water. Shake or stir and then wait 15 minutes before consuming the water. For very cold or turbid water, you’ll want to wait 30 minutes before consumption.

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Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

Description For serious water treatment in nearly every situation, rely on Aquamira Water Treatment. Aquamira Water Treatment unlocks the power of Chlorine Dioxide to kill bacteria and enhance the
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