Wilderness Athlete H.E.R.O.

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The new Wilderness Athlete H.E.R.O. takes your recovery in the mountains to the next level.

Why we like this product
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Low-carb sustained energy with no crash
  • Increased performance with balanced electrolytes
  • Zero jitters, natural caffeine from green coffee bean
  • BCAA's to support muscle recovery 
Wilderness Athlete H.E.R.O. is a pre-mixed combination of Hydrate & Recover, and Energy & Focus formulas in an on-the-go style bottle. Just add water to the reusable bottle, shake and enjoy. Get all the benefits from their hydration and recovery formulas you already love in one grab-and-go package. These are perfect for before or after hard training sessions in the gym or a long grueling pack out. 
Serving Size One bottle
Servings per Container Individual: One Serving
10 Pack: 10 Servings
Wilderness Athlete

Wilderness Athlete H.E.R.O.


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