Phelps Padauk Pot Turkey Call

New to the GOHUNT Gear Shop, Phelps Padauk Pot Turkey Calls, look great and sound even better offered in aluminum over glass and a crystal over wood design.


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Why we like this product

  • Offered in an aluminum surface over glass soundboard and crystal surface over wood soundboard
  • Aluminum over Glass is loud, crisp, and travels further
  • Crystal over Wood produces some of the most realistic hen sounds
  • Adjust for a higher or lower pitch by striking more toward the edge or more toward the center

The Phelps Padauk Pot Turkey Calls are new to the GOHUNT gear shop, they look great and sound even better. They are offered in an aluminum surface over a glass soundboard version or a crystal surface over a wood soundboard version. The aluminum version is loud and crisp grabbing a turkey's attention from a long way off. With the padauk striker, you can make high-pitched and sharp clucks, cuts, and aggressive double yelps. The crystal version is a handcrafted piece of art and is sure to coax the shyest of toms right into your lap with the most realistic clucks, purrs, and high-pitched yelps. Make sure to check out the Prepping & Usage tab for directions on getting our pot call ready for the field and executing a variety of calls.

Prepping your pot call:

  • Use the conditioning stone provided to prepare the playing surface for both the Crystal over Padauk and Aluminum over Glass pot calls.
  • Condition area approximately 1 inch by 1 inch. For right-handed callers, the area you want to condition will be to the right of the center. For left-handed callers, the area will be to the left of the center. Adjust the conditioned area as needed for comfort and feel.
  • For Crystal and Aluminum pot calls, run the conditioning stone in a left-to-right motion until the crystal/aluminum appears white and frosted.

Using your pot call:

Once your pot call is conditioned, run the striker vertically across the scratches to make the following calls:

  • Yelp - Make continuous "J" strokes
  • Purr - Lightly drag the striker downward across the pot
  • Cluck - Use a quick top-to-bottom motion
  • High Pitch - Move your strokes toward the edge of the call
  • Low Pitch - Move your strokes toward the center of the call
    Weight Aluminum over Glass - 4.2 oz
    Crystal over Padauk - 3.6 oz
    Materials Aluminum over Glass (aluminum, glass, padauk)
    Crystal over Padauk (crystal and padauk)
    Includes Pot call, striker, conditioning stone, and scrubber
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