Phelps Box Turkey Call

The Phelps Box Turkey Call looks amazing and sounds even better, a Paduak lid sits atop a Poplar body and is designed for raspy old hen sounds that will have toms coming in from all directions.


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Why we like this product

  • Simple and easy to use, great for beginner callers
  • Padauk lid and solid Poplar body provide a mature hen sound
  • Keep your call sounding great with the included chalk stick

Box calls should look great and sound even better. The box pairs a beautiful padauk lid with a solid poplar body designed for creating raspy old hen sounds sure to pull a wily old tom placing him right into your lap no matter how far away he is. The Box Turkey call is a great choice for beginner turkey hunters due to its ease to use.

Tuning your box call:

  • To get a deeper more mature tone from your call, use a Phillips screwdriver and turn the screw Counterclockwise ¼ turn and then work the paddle to evaluate the sound
  • Continue to adjust accordingly for the desired tone
  • To get sharper, higher pitches turn the screw Clockwise ¼ turn and then evaluate
  • The call can be finely tuned with smaller adjustments than ¼ turns. Experiment to find your favorite sound

Maintaining your box call:

  • Keep the box Dry, it can sometimes be hard to keep your box dry during spring hunting conditions, but it’s paramount that your call stays dry as it won’t work properly wet
  • Keep the call well chalked using the chalk provided, keep a nice thin layer of chalk on the friction surfaces of your call. One piece of chalk should last a couple of years when applied correctly
  • Phelps sources the finest materials possible to build their calls, box turkey calls are still a somewhat delicate instrument. Take care when using, and transporting them as they could be damaged from improper or negligent handling
Weight 4 oz
Materials Padauk (lid) and Poplar (body)
Includes Box call and one stick of chalk 
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    Phelps Box Turkey Call


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