TightSpot Pivot 2.5 Arrow Quiver

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • 2 piece quiver to allow arrow security, noise dampening, and adjustability to fit every arrow and style
  • A built-in counterbalance system with aluminum and woven carbon fiber to allow perfect stability and balance
  • Formed foam hood insert so it will accept field tips or broadheads and won't dull those expensive broadheads
  • Holds 5 arrows and weighs only 9 oz, making this the ultimate quiver for the backcountry western hunter

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Adjustable arrow wedges adapt to virtually any arrow diameter.
  • Incorporates a Quick-Draw arrow feature that places a 2nd arrow ready for quick follow up shots
  • Multiple adapters included to fit most bow models
  • Warranty - Lifetime
The world’s most adjustable 2-piece quiver for the perfect customized fit. The triple-axis adjustment (in/out, up/down, and forward/back) allows a full range of adjustability. Lightweight coming in at only 9oz.
Arrow 5
Weight 9 oz w/ hardware
Materials Carbon and aluminum
Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

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Casey jones
Tight spot 2.5 arrow quiver

The best 2 piece arrow quiver I've ever used! Easy assembly and super adjustable. Rock solid

Matt Miller

Installation and setup was a real pain in the butt, especially due to the fact that it's a brand new product and there are almost no resources available online to guide you through it and the instructions provided are practically useless. BUT! Once you get it installed and fitted right this quiver is awesome! Lightweight, solid, quiet. You really hardly notice it's there. Not sure what more you could ask for really. A little pricey but "buy nice or buy twice" as they say. By far my favorite quiver to date.

Mike Chapel
Great quiver

Light, adjustable and silent. The provided screws were a little too long to mount the 2.0 to the risers on my vertix. I didn't want to force anything and compromise integrity so I called TS and they said go ahead and torque it down, if anything breaks they will replace it. Nothing broke but for 200 bucks they could throw in a couple more screws at different lengths for different bows.

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