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MTN OPS YETI Trail Packs

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Full serving of YETI in an on the go packet, perfect for taking into the backcountry
  • A great supplement to take with you on a long hike
  • Perfect for those who need a little extra energy to get through a long day of hunting

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Explosive & sustained energy
  • Blood flow to muscles (20+ hours of Nitric Oxide boost)
  • Decreased muscle fatigue and increased muscle build
  • Gluten-free

YETI was formulated to deliver explosive training results and provide smooth, non-jittery performance, and now you can take those same benefits into the field with these Trail Packs. YETI provides sustained energy and performance, helping you take your hunting to the next level. YETI decreases muscle fatigue and increases muscle build helping take you further up the mountain. If you’re looking for a great Pre-Workout with many other health benefits, YETI is the answer.

How to Use
Mix one serving (1 trail pack) of MTN OPS YETI™ in 10-16 oz of water. As a pre-workout, take one serving 30 min before a workout or physical activity.

Serving Size 14 gram (1 Trail Pack)
Servings Per Tub 20
Gluten-free Yes
Key Ingredients Amino Acids, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, and Beta-Alanine

Customer Reviews

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Brady Nunley
MTN OPS Trail Packs

Great little product to stuff in the pack! Hauling heavy packs in the rugged mountains of the west is not easy, swig a trail pack and keep on truckin!! I like them better than Ignite for the trail.

MO Hunter
Good stuff

The individual packs are very convenient, and I like to use as mid day boost. I normally take yeti as a pre workout, but notice the effects so much more hunting.

Yeti - trail packs - on the go energy

Works as one would suspect in terms of consumption but the one element that I would add to benefit here is helping those I hike and hunt with away from sugar rich energy drinks. They have found it to be a great replacement (at a cost that is In most cases less than the gas station / convenience store cans they are picking up).

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