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Stone Glacier Weapon Sling

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goHUNT Highlights 

  • Designed to carry and weight support weapons with the frame
  • Quick Release buckle makes it easy to access your gun without removing the pack
  • Does a great job of keeping your hands free to navigate the terrain while not inhibiting any shot opportunities

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Not compatible with the Avail 2200
  • Only weighs 1.4 oz
  • Made in the USA

Designed for use with the Krux EVO and Xcurve frames to support the weight of your rifle, the Quick Release Sling secures your rifle to the pack while still offering easy and fast access without taking the pack off. A unique design of quick release buckles and webbing, this system keeps the rifle barrel profile behind you, out of your field of view and protected from the brush. One pull on the upper strap tether and your rifle is free for rapid access. The Quick Release Sling allows you to carry your weapon on either side of the EVO Frame or the right side of the Xcurve Frame.

Weight 1.4 oz
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Poor design.

Like the hydration sling, poor design. The release strap can easily be released unintentionally and the rifle falls. Also, the rifle digs into the back of the your arm unless helf back by a pack strap, negating the quick release. Buying a Kifaru Gun Bearer.

Great sling

Works great on my Mystery Ranch Metcalf.


Good stuff

A great add on product.

This sling is a great way to stow your rifle for long hikes or in terrain that you may need both hands. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I could see a possibility of the release clip failing for a handful of reasons, and the video instructions for install and use left a lot to be desired. The product does not even come with instructions whatsoever. With a little tinkering a person can figure it out, but the boys over at stone glacier really need to hire a professionals to walk you through their gear.

Good product, functions acceptably

Overall I like this sling, although with a pistol on my hip, it causes the rifle to get scratches and knicks near the buttplate as the gun shifts while hiking (despite being strapped, specifically when I bump in to a branch with the barrel). The release strap also can get "lost" (under the shoulder strap or behind your head) when you put your pack on, which sucks when loaded with a weeks worth of gear. The SG design only allows one location for mounting, so even though I would prefer to mount it to the front of the shoulder strap, it's stuck behind my shoulder rather than where I want it. Including a split bar triglide would allow mounting to whatever strap the user wants.
Additionally, my textured rifles tend to stick in the rifle butt cup; rarely this happens with the wood stocked ones.
Overall this is a good product, and I'm happy to have it; it makes me far more comfortable than having the rifle strapped down with the compression straps. When it works, it's pretty darn good.

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