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Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Gen 2 Extreme Leg Extension

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Lightweight extensions make your Rugged Ridge Gen 2 Extreme Bipod more versatile

  • Easily attaches to your Rugged Ridge Gen 2 Extreme Bipod

  • Allows you to shoot from a sitting position, ideal for shooting over tall sagebrush

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Fits only Rugged Ridge Gen 2 Extreme Bipods

  • Designed to fit on existing bipod legs

  • Made of weight-saving carbon fiber

The carbon fiber leg extensions give the versatility of shooting from the seated position while still utilizing all of the Extreme Pod Bipods' incredible features. Sitting in waist-high sagebrush as light breaks the ridge? Simply screw on the ultra-light extensions onto the bottom of the existing leg and wait for the buck of a lifetime to show himself for a rock-solid shot. Leave the legs attached or tuck them away in your pack.





3.2 oz

1.6 oz

Material Carbon fiber / Aluminum

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Isgro
Rugged ridge gen 2

Super nice setup. Pricey but works extremely well

Work as advertised

The leg extensions work as advertised. Shooting higher off the ground is not ideal (aka, not as steady), but having a rest when doing so is better than no rest. I found out that you can actually screw the legs together and if you have two sets you can double your height. In tall sagebrush or cholla cactus this can be an advantage. Also very expensive unless you have a buddy with the same setup. When shooting from kneeling or sitting instead of shooting "off my pack" I'm using the biopod with extensions for the front and my pack under the back of the stock to get a good solid rest. I've also experimented with holding onto a hiking pole which is not as great, but it's quick and better than nothing. Shooting like this is not bench or prone, but if you have time to get set it can be a pretty solid shooting platform for shooting 1-2 MOA.

Jerry Kirk
Rock Solid

These legs extensions are a must if you hunt in sage brush country. They are rock solid and just give rugged ridge bi pods more versatility when you get the whole setup.

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