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Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Picatinny Rail Mount

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Stabilize your bipod to improve the accuracy of your rifle
  • Universal design fits almost any bipod and rifle stock
  • Comes with a generic hardware kit for easy installation

The Extreme Pod Bipod requires an industry-standard Picatinny rail, and Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear now offers its own Picatinny rail mounting system. Much like many of the other mounts available on the market, our rail is precision machined to standard specifications with additional features that allow it to be attached universally, on almost any hunting rifle stock configuration. Each Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Picatinny Mount comes with a generic hardware kit.

Customer Reviews

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Rudded Ridge pic bipod mount

Excellent product! Easy to install and secure!

Install wasn't straight forward for me.

Before I purchased I read the review warning of it difficult install on a Browning. Well I have a Browning X-Bolt Long Range and figured how hard/bad could it be. Well it wasn't easy. I think in the end I got a good install, but here is what I needed to do. 1st - my stock doesn't have a threaded swivel stud, it has "wood-screw" style threads into a composite stock (just like the other review said). I had two options to deal with this 1) ream out the hole in the rail so the original screw threads would work - but wouldn't go as deep because of the rail, or 2) drill out the stock under the barrel and install a nut so the mechanical threads would work. I picked option 1 and used high-strength JB weld on the threads when I re-installed them to bond the threads and fill in the void from the original install without the rail. My problems didn't end there though. The front screw didn't work either. My composite stock was super thin where that screw ended up. No way that was going to hold long term. So I after some contemplation I filled in the void under the barrel where the screw was sticking through with high-strength JB weld. I also put the same JB weld all on the underside of the rail so it bedded to the composite stock (even if it doesn't stick, there will be a good amount of friction to distribute the recoil of a .300 WM). In the end everything looks good and it appears to function well. The good is it probably is never coming off. The bad, it is never coming off. But I'm not sure I'd want it to come off either. If this was an easy install, 5 stars. But it was stressful and was anything but easy and straight forward for me so it gets 3 stars. It works great for attaching the Rugged Ridge Tripod. No play and no issues. I have several hundred rounds through the rifle with this modification with zero issues. So far so good and I'd recommend it to others, but be aware ... that the install may not be easy, especially on a composite stock. If you're new to bipod shooting please see my review of the tripod - shooting tight groups (sub 1/2 MOA and sometimes even sub MOA) with the Rugged Ridge bipod is not the same as tight groups off a bag. Getting consistent recoil when using a bipod has proven difficult and for me required a bit of technique development.

Just what the Dr ordered

Fit perfectly on my Christensen Arms Ridgeline.


I like the low pro look it offers but I’d say there is definitely better rails to be used.

Rail is narrow

Bought this to mount a bipod on my Browning X-bolt Hells Canyon LR. First off the generic mounting kit only included a 10-32 swivel screw which would not tighten down. (Browning uses a swivel screw with wood threads.) So I decided to use a 10-32 thread insert so I could mount the rail. Now that it is mounted my existing quick mount bipod fits loosly and wiggles around... it fits snug on my AR. Now that this rail is a permanent part of my rifle (epoxy required for the install) I need to spend more cash on a bipod that can be adjusted to fit this rail or settle on the worlds biggest swivel screw mount.

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