Hamskea Rebound Dampener Conversion Kit


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GOHUNT Highlights

  • This kit can be used to replace the coil spring currently supplied with the Trinity, Hybrid, and VersaRest arrow rests
  • Comes with a teardrop lever arm

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Knobby Limb Pad
  • Rebound Dampener
  • 30” of Black D-Braid
  • Cord Clamp
  • Easy Glide Cord Tensioner

The Hamskea Rebound Dampener Conversion Kit is a turnkey system that allows archers who own a Hybrid or Trinity series rest to eliminate the stock dampening coil spring and convert to Hamskea's patent-pending Rebound Dampener. This kit will come with everything you will need to make the conversion including a new Lever Arm, Knobby Limb Pad, Rebound Dampener, 30” of black D-Braid, as well as both a Cord Clamp and Easy Glide Cord Tensioner.


Hamskea Rebound Dampener Conversion Kit


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