Hamskea Epsilon C.O.R.™ Universal Adaptor Bracket Kit


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The Hamskea Epsilon C.O.R.™ Bracket Kit gives you everything you need for an easy install of your Epsilon arrow rest to a traditional mounting system.

Why we like this accessory
  • Adjustable 3 position range for riser thicknesses between .6″-.9″
  • Adapts traditional mounting options to C.O.R.™ Mount Technology
  • Offers torque tuning capability for maximum adjustability
  • A more streamlined approach for a traditional mount
  • Designed to fit with tight-fitting quivers

Universal mount bracket that fits on most bow brands. Helps to easily attach the Hamskea Epsilon arrow rest to your bow by using a traditional mounting style. The bracket fits on all bows that have a riser thickness of .6" to .9" allowing you to put the Epsilon rest on most bows. The bracket is designed to be more streamlined than other traditional mountain systems by fitting your rest to a more centered position allowing for tighter fitting quivers and not sacrificing fletching clearance. Paired with the Hamskea Epsilon, this bracket will be a great upgrade to your current arrow rest.

Weight 1.2 oz
Height 1.5"
Width  2"
Compatibility Bows with riser thickness between 0.6" - 0.9"

Hamskea Epsilon C.O.R.™ Universal Adaptor Bracket Kit


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