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goHUNT Highlights

  • Any hunt, any weather condition, Pyro Putty will get your fire going 
  • Waterproof, floats, and a portion the size of a nickel will burn for 6-10 min
  • Multiple lighting options, including lighters, matches, ferro rod or even a magnifying glass

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Available in two blends, summer (40-110°F) and winter (-20-70°F) 
  • One can will typically provide 30 fire/ignitions
  • 2.2 oz can

There's nothing better on cold or rainy days than a fire. Starting one however can be a challenge, especially when facing wind and rain, but not with Pyro Putty. It's not only waterproof and weather resistant, but with multiple ignition options you'll never have to worry about getting a fire started in bad weather. Nothing, except the local fire laws, will be able to stop you from starting a fire to stay warm, cook food, or survive comfortably through the night. One tin can burn up to 7 hours and a quarter sized ball will burn up to 15 minutes. Pair this putty with the Pyro Putty's Dual Arch Rechargeable Lighter for a waterproof and windproof fire starter kit that will work anywhere and in any conditions. The Summer Blend is effective from 40° F up to 110° F, whereas The Winter Blend is effective from -20° F up to 70° F.

Weight 2.2 oz
Temperature Rating Summer Blend 40° to 110° Fahrenheit
Winter Blend -20° to 70° Fahrenheit

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Put To Use in CA Yote Hunt

Cold weather camp near Chiriaco Summit. The putty worked exactly as advertised and we had a fire roaring within 60 seconds. Love this stuff and will pack it from now on.

Does what it’s supposed to.

Works as advertised. Lights easy and a dime size ball will burn for 2 minutes 5 seconds.

Petroleum jelly and cotton balls

Love the idea of pyro putty and still use it. However, compared to cotton balls and petroleum jelly putty under performed.


To be start, I like that Pyro Putty is in such a small container. Easy to carry in the back country or put in a bug out bag. I used a piece about the size of a dime and it burned hot for a long time. Definitely a must have.

Reliable Firestarter

Love my pyro putty. Wouldn’t head to the woods without it! From New Mexico to Colorado, and from Minnesota to’s always in my pack. Super reliable and consistent firestarter. It keeps a flame for a long time and will start kindling even if it’s damp.

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