Phelps AMP Pitch Black Series Diaphragm Elk Calls - 3 Pack





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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Cheaper per call price, means you get more calls for your money
  • Between the 3 diaphragms, you can make any elk sound from high pitched bugles to soft cow and calf sounds
  • Perfect for those who want the full range of calls
  • Makes for a great gift for that buddy who drew their first elk tag

These reeds were designed to make the most authentic bugles and realistic cow calls, meeting the demands of World Elk Calling Champion Dirk Durham. These calls feature a newly specified “pitch black” latex and the results are impressive. They are built off of the popular AMP frame and come in a three-pack.

  • Pitch Black 1: Has a looser stretch for easy cow calls and all of the bull vocalizations. Very easy to use and quiet when needed.

  • Pitch Black 2: Has a medium stretch similar to the popular Maverick and Phelps Signature diaphragms. This is a do it all call.

  • Pitch Black 3: Stretched tight for ear piercing location bugles as well as higher-pitched cow/calf sounds. The best thing about this call is the life you get out of it.

Material Latex
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Days free from manufacturer defects and workmanship
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Phelps AMP Pitch Black Series Diaphragm Elk Calls - 3 Pack


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