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Swarovski STX - Modular Straight Eye Piece

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-Industry leading design for function and modularity
-Straight eyepiece offers fast target acquisition
-Swarovision glass is top quality and offers great clarity and brightness

Taking functionality to a new level: the ATX spotting scope system combines exceptionally flexible modularity with optical perfection. The objective lens can be changed to suit any viewing situation. Extreme detail recognition at crucial moments thanks to SWAROVISION technology and total ease of use ensure fascinating experiences in the great outdoors.

With its angled view, the ATX eyepiece module helps you to comfortably seek out your target. It also makes long-range observation significantly easier, especially when your subject is located in the sky, in a tree, or on a hill.

When you couple this eyepiece with either a 65 or 85 mm modular objective, the resulting power range is 25-60x. When coupled with the 95 mm objective, the power range is 30 - 70x.

Weight 1 lb 12.6 oz
Power Range When Couple with

65 or 85 mm objective 25 - 60x

95 mm objective 30 - 70x

Length 5.6"
Manufacturer Warranty Manufacturing and Material Defects
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