GOHUNT Lens Cleaning Kit

The GOHUNT Lens Cleaning Kit includes a Blaze orange cloth holster with a black clip and a microfiber cleaning cloth attached to an elastic band for easy cleaning on the go. Provided is a small brush in the holster slots, perfect for cleaning larger debris. Included is a slim plastic spray bottle containing lens cleaning solution.

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Why we like this product

  • Keep the glare and spots off your glass and find more game
  • After a long day in the field, cleaning is a must
  • Gets all the worst elements off your glass with ease
  • Allows for multiple cleanings throughout the season
  • Smallest lightweight all in one cleaning kit

The GOHUNT Lens Cleaning Kit has everything you need to keep your glass in tip-top shape. This pocket-sized kit includes a Blaze orange cloth holster with clip, brush, microfiber cloth and cleaning solution. The microfiber cloth is attached to the holster with an elastic tether, ensuring you don't drop it on the ground or leave it at your glassing spot. The cleaning solution comes in a slim, plastic spray bottle allowing it to fit in any pant, jacket or backpack pocket.

Clean glass lets you spot more game and this handy little kit is worth the minimal weight it adds to your backcountry packing list. 

Cloth Holster 2" x 1.75"
Cloth Size 5.25" x 5.5" 
Cleaning Solution Bottle  2.25" x 3.25" Depth : 3/8"
Total weight of all products 1.6oz


GOHUNT Lens Cleaning Kit


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