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Montana Decoy Antelope Buck Decoy

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-Weighs less than 2 pounds giving you the ability to be very mobile.
-When folded it is is just 13" x 10"
-HD photo quality offers a realistic portrayal of an antelope buck

Antelope tend to inhabit very flat and very open terrain. This works out to be a bowhunter's worst nightmare, making it very hard to get within bow range. With the Antelope Buck Decoy you no longer have to worry about finding cover, because you can crouch behind it as you advance across the open flats. If you are lucky enough to be hunting during the rut then this decoy brings another added benefit. Antelope bucks are extremely defensive of their does during the rut, and often times at the sight of another buck they will come over to fight it. In this situation this decoy allows you to get ready to shoot and wait for your target to come into range, reducing the risk of spooking the buck with a wrong move.

Weight 1 lb 12 oz
Dimensions Folded 13" x 10"
Dimensions Unfolded 38" x 30"
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