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Last Chance Archery Vane Master PRO

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Perfect fletching tool for giving all your arrows a left or right hand helical fletch from 0-5 degrees
  • Lays vane perfectly flat every time with disc and flexible wires
  • No worries about arrow size because it will fletch the largest to smallest arrow with no adjustments

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Ability to hold vanes up to 4" in length
  • Fletches both 3 and 4 fletch arrows
  • The Vane Master Pro will accept any knock used for compound or recurve archery

The Vane Master PRO is an innovative tool made to give you perfection in fletching arrow to arrow and designed to accommodate every arrow size with little to no adjustment. Fletch your arrows at a 0-5º helical, left or right, with the ability to hold vanes up to 4" in length. This tool can fletch 3 or 4 fletch configurations (4 fletch knob sold separately) while using Vane Flat Technology. This technology uses two wires that hold the vane, giving the clamp the ability to perfectly contour around the shaft, for perfect vane adhesion every time.

Helical Right and left, 0-5 degrees
Vane configuration 3 and 4 fletch (90 and 105/75 degrees)
Vane compatibility Up to 4" vanes
Warranty Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Worth every penny

Head and shoulders above every other fletching jig on the market. Turns fletching arrows from an inconvenience into a very enjoyable/meditative experience

Todd Rees
Last Chance Archery Vane Master PRO

Great product when they say its the best jig on the market they mean it

Michael Bruesch
Incredible QUALITY

I've been using this jig for about a month now and it is by far my favorite fletching jig. The excess glues comes right off even when it dries onto the wires.
Oh and by the way this whole thing is made of solid aluminium. Its one of those items that you can pick it up and just know that it's a quality item.
This thing is also super adjustable. From 0 to 5 degree helical and it makes a perfect fit to the arrow every time.
Long story short, if you plan on fletching for a long time and want a jig to last you a lifetime, this is it.

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