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Last Chance Archery Pro Grain Scale

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The next great addition to your bow building kit
  • Measure the weights of all of your arrow components with ease and accuracy
  • New arrow holder attachment to always keep your arrows in place

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Measurement units of ounces, grains, grams, carats, and pennyweight
  • Durable and convenient touch screen
  • Auto-calibrates and can measure up to 3,000 grains
  • Warranty - Lifetime workmanship guarantee

The Last Chance Archery Pro Grain Scale Scale is perfect for weighing carbon and aluminum arrows, points, broad-heads, vanes, stabilizer weights, components, anything, and everything to build your next arrow. No archer that builds his or her own arrows should be without it. Get a Pro Grain Arrow Scale today and take your tuning to the next level.

Customer Reviews

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Roger Richardson
My new Last Chance Archery Pro Grain Scale

As with any tool I’ve purchased made by Last Chance archery, couldn’t be more pleased with quality and accuracy of the scale. In fact, I see it in every pro shop I go into! I must say, Go Hunt has been responsible for my buying my first Last Chance Archery item. I needed a quality Vice and called GoHunt as they always give me the very best advice! I ended up buying the Easy Green Vice and could not be more pleased. Any Last Chance tools I buy will be from GoHunt, the best prices, fastest shipping and always courteous and have all the answers to my questions, a winning team!

Dustin Nielson
Last Chance Archery Pro Grain Scale

This is a nice little scale for a good price. Works well and is really easy to use.

Gerry Henning

Ordered a product and was given information on its arrival but it didn’t show up, checked with USPS and they said it never had been scanned so I’m not sure if it never left the Go hunt facility or just never made it out of Las Vegas post office?! I did contact the Go hunt facility and they did send out a replacement that I have received. So long story short, they did the right thing and send a replacement.

david perillo
Arrow scale

Nice and compact comes with arrow rest when done using scale just rubberband rest to end of scale and store it, scale works as it should.

It’s a bargain

Not a bad little scale for the money. I have not tested it with known weights. however I do believe that it is fairly accurate. If I weigh the same thing multiple times it continues to produce the same readout which gives me confidence.
I use it to weigh independent components as well as the entire arrow. I can get my arrows as consistent as possible and eliminate variables.
One thing to mention is the size. It is smaller than I expected- like the size of a deck of cards. Not an issue for me, just thought I’d mention that.
Five stars.

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