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Last Chance Archery Precision Arrow Prep Kit

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The Precision Arrow Prep Kit is the perfect accessory to prep new arrow shafts for your upcoming archery hunts.

Why We Like this Item:
  • Deburring tool for clearing rough edges
  • Different sized swabs for clearing loose carbon dust after cutting
  • Brushes for roughing up the inside of any arrow shaft creating more surface area to bind the inserts
  • Thread adapter for tools with smaller threads
  • A zipper case for holding all the tools together

The Precision Arrow Prep Kit from Last Chance Archery is a great at-home kit for the archer who builds their arrows. This kit includes brushes, swabs, deburring tool, handle, and a zipper carrying case. The deburring tool removes ruff edges from freshly cut shafts, brushes are perfect for roughing up the insides of the shaft, and swabs clear any loose carbon dust before gluing in your inserts. 

The prep kit includes a handle to use with each of the included tools and a thread adapter for tools with smaller threads. All these pieces are neatly organized and stored within the included zipper case. This is a perfect at-home, do-it-yourself prep kit with everything you need to get started on your next batch of arrows.

Included Pieces Size
Brush .375 (26 series)
Brush .35 (25 series)
Brush .30 (23 series)
Brush .223 (22 series & Hunting Shafts)
Brush .17 (Micro Shafts)
Swab .30 - .35 (25 - 27 series)
Swab .24 - .27 (22 - 25 series)
Swab .20 (Hunting & Micro Shafts)
Thread Adapter
Deburring Tool

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