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goHUNT Highlights

  • The Jetboil Pot Support folds up and stores in your Jetboil cup so it does not take up any extra space in your pack
  • Allows you to use a skillet on your Jetboil stove, giving you the ability to cook up some backstraps after a kill
  • The Jetboil Pot Support is extremely lightweight making it a great addition to anyone's cooking system, even ultralight backpack hunters

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weighs 1.2 oz
  • Compatible with the Jetboil Flash, MicroMo, MiniMo, Sumo, Zip, Luna
  • Strong enough to support up to a 9 inch skillet or 1.5 L pot

Attach to your Jetboil burner to use the Summit Skillet, FluxRing Cooking pot, or a variety of traditional pots and pans. The support flanges lock securely to the burner base but also fold up to store inside your Jetboil cup. Compatible with all systems except Jetboil Genesis, HalfGen, Joule, and MightyMo.

Weight 1.2 oz 
Compatible with Jetboil Flash, MicroMo, MiniMo, Sumo, Zip, Luna
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