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Tyto Ti Replaceable Blade Knife

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-Extremely light knife, only .8 oz for the handle, 1 blade, and the sheath
-Replaceable blades allow you to always have a razor sharp edge
-Great for the detail work needed to cape out the head of your trophy 

Tyto Micro Ti is a minimalist approach to a replacement blade knife. Made from ultra strong, ultralight Grade 2 titanium. This little beast will do everything the original Tyto 1.1 will do in a smaller lighter package. If you are a very weight conscious hunter then this is the perfect knife for you. The Tyto Micro Ti comes with a pack of 10 blades which is more than enough to process a couple animals. 

Weight .8 oz (handle, 1 blade, and sheath)
Length 6" (without a blade)
Thickness .125"
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