Triclawps Solo Rifle Saddle & Tripod Mount

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Fast weapon attachment for those quick, heat of the moment shots

  • New design makes it lightweight so it’s less worrisome when deciding to throw this crucial piece in your pack

  • Ability to attach it to your favorite tripod plate or just to the tripod itself with both the 1/4" 20 and 3/8" 16 threaded inserts

Manufacturer Highlights

  • The new Solo Saddle was made for shooters who'd prefer to not leave the saddle attached to their weapon

  • Single, rapid-drive knob for fast weapon attachment

  • Warranty - Lifetime

The Solo Rifle Saddle is one of the best options on the market for a lightweight mount that allows you to mount your rifle on your tripod. It is built from a glass-reinforced, hi-density injected resin that helps to reduce the weight significantly without sacrificing any strength or stability. The Solo Rifle Saddle features a single rapid drive knob that allows you to quickly clamp it to and detach it from your weapon. On the bottom of the saddle, there are both 1/4" 20 and 3/8" 16 threaded inserts, which allows you to either attach the saddle to a quick disconnect plate or directly to the top of a tripod. This allows the Solo Rifle Saddle to fit your unique hunting technique perfectly. To top it all off Triclawps covers the Solo Rifle Saddle with a lifetime, no-fault, no questions asked warranty.

Weight 10.2 oz
Maximum Open 3.26"
Minimum Closed 1.1"
Material Glass Reinforced Resin
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

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Randy Bejarano
Triclawps solo rifle saddle

It is a great addition to my equipment in the field. As I have taken my boys and many young hunter out this is an amazing rest for them as prone,or sitting isn't always able to be done in the field. The triclawps gives you the opportunity to stand with a very steady rest. With that you give yourself confidence and more opportunities to harvest an animal with clean and ethical shot. As the triclawps is a great tool, you will need solid tripod to adapt it to I understand should be obvious but it just another peice of information as a gun is heavy. Thanks again

jeff branson
Definitely worth it!

This thing is the most stable set up I’ve found for shooting from sitting , kneeling,& standing. The range I’ve tested it at only goes to 300 yards but I was able to shoot very accurately sitting and kneeling. Added bonus with the tripod set up right My rifle would recoil straight back and settle right back on target. I think It’s gonna help a ton for hunting shots where I can’t get prone

Tim McClure

Ordered this a week before my 10 year olds elk hunt. She was successful, then 2 weeks later my 13 year had her deer hunt and she was successful. The triclawps helped my both my daughters be successful on their first hunts. Great product!

Great mount

Great mount - I made a successful shot on my hunt


Works good. The electric blue chrome may need covered during coyote season but I like the pan head

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