Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Rear Support System



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Make each shot as stable as it can be with this rear support system
  • Lightweight and compact makes this a must-have in the backcountry
  • Perfect for shots when you have extra time to set up

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Provides stability to help guarantee a clean shot
  • Lightweight at just 4.4 oz
  • Adjustable height from 3" - 6"

After designing the Extreme Bipod, Rugged Ridge put their minds to work on stabilizing the back end of the rifle. This resulted in the creation of the Extreme Rear Support System or E.R.S.S. Without stabilizing the back end of your gun you cannot be accurate out at longer ranges. Before the E.R.S.S. hunters had to rely on wobbly elbows, heavy sandbags or rolled up coats to stabilize the rear of their rifle. The day has come that we can say goodbye to these sloppy techniques and rely on true American made mechanical advantage. The E.R.S.S offers superior stabilization and is so light and compact you can throw it in your pants pocket.

Weight 4.4 oz
Material Polyurethane
Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Rear Support System


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