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Montana Decoy RMEF Cow Elk Decoy

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- Its size allows for better visibility and increased stalking advantages
- Folds up easily and light enough to carry on every hunt
- 42 oz. (including poles)

The Montana Decoy RMEF Cow Elk Decoy is an extremely realistic photo decoy of a cow elk. When used properly, this decoy will allow you to cross open spaces that are devoid of cover and allow you to get into bow range of your target. This decoy is extremely effective if used in combination with cow elk calls during the rut. That being said, it can also be used in other seasons and used as a tool to harvest cow elk, not just bulls. When you are not using the decoy it folds down to the size of a large dinner plate and can be easily stowed in your pack. At a weight of 2 pounds 10 ounces the advantages easily outweigh the added weight. 

Weight 2 lb 10 oz
Folded Dimensions 17" x 15"
Unfolded Dimensions 48" x 50"
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