Bend-Able Bugle Tube Holder

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The easiest and most convenient way to carry your bugle tube

  • Mount it on your backpack hip belt or the side of your backpack

  • Keeps your hands free while hiking and your tube is close at hand when you need it

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Available in three sizes to fit many different bugle tubes on the market

  • Made in the USA

  • Warranty - 1 year manufacturer warranty

The Bugle Tube Holder from Bend-Able is an excellent way to carry your bugle tube. It can be easily mounted on the straps on the side of your pack or on the hip belt. It securely holds your bugle tube while still allowing you to have quick and easy access. Carrying your bugle tube in the bugle tube holder means you do not have to use the shoulder cord that most bugle tubes come with. This greatly reduces the potential for snags. When used in conjunction with the Reed Quiver you will be able to sound off a bugle very quickly if needed.

The majority of hunting packs have two side straps, one close to the top and a bottom strap. We suggest if you are going to side mount the holder that you attach it to the top strap, this will give you the ability to look over your shoulder and see the holder as you are putting your tube in. When attaching to your backpack hip belt, we suggest mounting as far back on your hip belt as possible. This will give you additional room on your hip belt for your handgun, pouch, etc. There are three different sizes to choose from depending on your brand and version of your bugle tube.

Small - fits the Phelps Un-RIVAL-ed

Medium - fits the majority of bugle tubes on the market including all the Rocky Mountain Bugle Tubes

Large - fits the GOHUNT Ripper, Phelps Unleashed, and the Phelps Renegade

*Medium bugle tube holder pictured
**Bugle tube not included

Weight Small - 3 oz
Medium - 3.5 oz
Larger - 4.5 oz
Compatible with Small - Phelps Un-RIVAL-ed
Medium - The majority of bugle tubes including all Rocky Mountain bugle tubes
Large - GOHUNT Ripper, Phelps Unleashed, and Phelps Renegade
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gary Lee

Bend-Able Bugle Tube Holder

William Wallace
Tube holder review

The tube holder is great and did it was supposed to do…hold my tube. Only gave it 4 starts because the attachment point needs some rework. I ended up just zip tying it to the molle webbing on my waste strap but have a molle ready attachment would be pretty cool. Otherwise if you use a bugle tube and don’t have this you’re probably one of those guys who just lets his tube flop all over the place.

Mike Stancill
Bugle Tube Holder depends on your tube shape

Update 8/20 Bendable contacted me directly and offered to send me a new version that is adjustable in size via high-quality velcro. This adjustable version is great for the Phelps Unleashed tube. It is very secure and the tube will not fall out while hiking. It attaches to 2" or smaller straps and I attached it to my hip belt. What is great, is you can position the tube at different heights in the holder so you can get it just right.

Also learned the large fixed size on Go Hunt doesn't come with the bungee. If it were me and you have a large tube with corrugations and I would seek out this new version for Go Hunt doesn't carry it as of now. Five stars for the new holders and 5 stars for Bendable taking the time to contact me directly. The video in the review is of the new adjustable holder.

I have the Phelps unleashed bugle tub and this holder doesn't work with it. You have to smash the tube down with extreme force to get it to stay. I have to hold the holder and tube at the same time to do it and there is no way this stays in place in the field. Mine also did not come with the bungee, not that it would help at all. It is just not designed for nor can it hold the Phelps unleashed tube.

Tyler Swant
Need Better Attachment Options

Overall I'm happy with the way the bugle tube holder holds the bugle tube but, I'm not a fan of how the holder attaches to the pack.stap provided is the only way to attaches to my pack. I will actually be modifing the holder for a more secure fit.

William Simmons
No difference in sizes.

I originally bought a large bugle tube it did not come with the bungee secure system as advertised so I was sent other bugle tube with the same result. customer service was helpful and offered to send me a medium sized bugle tube that was equipped with the bungee secure system. The medium and "large" bugle tube holder were the same size. upon further examination I noticed that my bugle tube that is supposed to fit into the large size bend-able bugle tube holder was not fitting all the way. I am beginning to think that I never had large size bend-able bugle tube holder in the first place.

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