Bend-Able Reed Quiver - 2 Pack

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- Quick and easy access to your diaphragm calls
- Attaches to almost anything
- Protects calls from being damaged and allows them to dry while not in use

The Reed Quiver attaches to pretty much anything with its strong metal clip. You can attach it to your hat, backpack, bino harness, or almost anywhere for quick and easy access to your diaphragm calls.  The Reed Quiver will protect your diaphragm from damage and allow it to dry while not in use. The Reed Quiver fits all sizes of diaphragm calls.

The colors and pattern vary slightly, but they are black, gray, and or green. The pictures are a depiction of the color scheme and pattern you should expect.

*Diaphragm not included

Weight Roughly .3 oz per quiver
Compatible with Fits all diaphragm calls
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