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Stone Glacier SQ2 Alpine Gaiters

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The Stone Glacier Alpine Gaiter has the Velcro® adjustment design which can be adjusted for the exact circumference of the calf, which will create a tight fit with a number of different layers worn
  • Constructed from durable X-Pac™ material that can stand up to harsh abrasion while providing waterproof protection
  • Comes in two sizes medium and large which will allow it to fit your boots no matter what size boot you are wearing on the hunt

Manufacturer Highlights

  • The Alpine Gaiter has the pin-less buckle, 3-layer Ripstop Hydrashield™ upper, a durable X-Pac™ lower which will make this gaiter the last one you will need to buy
  • A waterproof breathable upper and double layer X-Pac™ waterproof lower and you have durable weatherproof protection
  • Using the “V” webbing attachment on the instep of the gaiter, this increases both attachment strength and wear resistance
  • Made in USA
  • Warranty - Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship

The all-new SQ2 Alpine Gaiter incorporates the patent pending Contrail™ Bootstrap. Fully replaceable and constructed of high-strength Dyneema® rope, the Contrail™ Bootstrap is unlike anything else on the market. With a pin-less buckle, 3-Layer Ripstop Hydrashield™ upper, a durable X-Pac™ lower and a unique calf adjustment system for a perfect fit. Incorporated with the ultra high strength Dyneema® rope which has a breaking strength of 1.600 pounds, it is extremely cut-resistant and has the wear resistance of steel. This gaiter is designed to have a tight fit and be adjustable with a number of layers worn to keep you dry.

Weight 11.5 oz (pair)
Height 17"
Material 3 Layer Ripstop Hydrashield Upper / X-Pac Lower
Waterproof Yes
Size(s) Men's boot sizes:
Medium (10 - Smaller)
Large (10.5 - Larger)
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Craig Bucini
Quality products

These are the best gators I’ve owned,sure to last a long time and a great combo with lighter boots I just bought for backpack hunts to cut back on overnight freezing of lower pant legs and top of boots

Philip Schroeder
They're grrrreat!!!

Quality built product. I am very happy with these gaiters so far.

Ed Hall
Bigger market

I use and have you gaiter for a very long time. Often times four seasons of the year it's nice to see a quality innovative pair of gaitors. Unfortunately I'm a Hunter as well and I need camouflage or white. That leaves me with having to purchase lesser quality Gators. Perhaps you could camouflage your gator


Great gators so far, but on my legs there isn’t any room for adjustment. They are maxed out with just dehavilland pants on.

Lars Ellefson

Another really amazing product from SG! The materials used and construction are top-notch. They add a a great layer of protection and paired with my Crispi boot, my feet stayed completely dry on wet days. My only recommendation is SG adjusts sizing. I'm 5'11" 165 with skinny legs and have to completely overlap the gaiter and tighten the strap all the way leaving excess material. I feel that for the different sizes they should be adjusting the upper material (circumference) portion of the gaiter, not just the underfoot rope. Still highly recommend this product!

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