Rage Hypodermic NC Broadheads

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- Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule
- Flies very similar to a field point
- No collar blade lock

The Rage Hypodermic NC broadhead sports a machined stainless steel ferrule for superior aerodynamics. The Hybrid Hypodermic tip design of this broadhead gives you the pinpoint accuracy of a leading-edge design with the added penetration of a chisel tip. The Hypodermic NC does not have a shock collar like the standard Hypodermic. Instead utilizes finger-like tabs on the blades that anchor them in the closed position until impact. This ensures the blades will not deploy prematurely in your quiver or on the brush making these the perfect broadhead for spot and stalk hunting. All around solid choice for hunters looking for a mechanical broadhead that can do it all.

Type  Mechanical
Weight 100 gr
Number of Blades 2
Blade Thickness .035"
Cutting Diameter 2"
Material  Steel
Broadheads per Pack 3
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