Easton 6.5mm Hunter Classic Pre-Fletched Arrows - 6 Count


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Arrow Length Arrow length is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.
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Glue Inserts Select "Yes" if you'd like us to install factory-included inserts. For additional customizations, contact us at (702) 847-8747 or gear@GOHUNT.com prior to placing your order.
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How GOHUNT cuts your arrows

When cut, the length of your custom arrows is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.

Diagram showing arrow measurement carbon-to-carbon

Arrows cannot be returned once they have been cut

The Easton 6.5mm Hunter Classic Bully Vane 6 pack is a pre-fletched arrow shaft featuring a proprietary Acu-Carbon Spine process.

Why we like these arrow shafts
  • Acu-Carbon™ Uniform Spine USA Manufacturing Process for the highest level of accuracy
  • Bully™ Vane Fletching, stiffer material for superior control and quiet arrow flight
  • 6.5mm inserts included
  • Microlite nocks 
  • Made in the USA
    Accuracy could be the single most important thing on a hunt. You spend countless hours searching the hillside for that perfect animal, the last thing you want is a miss. Easton knows this, so they created the Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine process. Acu-Carbon is a continuous-fed, single-die manufacturing method that results in the most reliable tolerances and eliminates the need for spine alignment and weight sorting. This process helps Easton produce the most consistent spine and weight from arrow to arrow benefiting the bowhunter with better flight and accuracy. New 6.5mm inserts are included, these inserts are made with four times larger shoulder for added strength and FOC. The 6.5mm Hunter Classic also includes Microlite Nocks, these nocks are designed to move the throat of the nock closer to the back of the arrow shaft allowing more forgiveness during the shot. The nocks are now 38% lighter increasing the arrow’s velocity and FOC improving arrow flight.
    Grains Per inch 250 - 10.0
    300 - 9.5
    340 - 9.3
    400 - 8.4
    Outside Diameter 250 - 0.301"
    300 - 0.300"
    340 - 0.298"
    400 - 0.294"
    Factory Length 250 - 32.5"
    300 - 32"
    340 - 31.5"
    400 - 31"
    Quantity Per Pack 6

    Easton 6.5mm Hunter Classic Pre-Fletched Arrows - 6 Count


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