Hardside Hydration Swig Rig

The Hardside Hydration Swig Rig is a great upgrade for wide-mouth Nalgene and Hydro Flask bottles giving you the added benefits of a traditional water bladder with more freedom for mixed drinks and easy clean up.


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Swig Rig:

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Why we like this product

  • Swig 63 Cap fits wide-mouth Nalgene and Hydro Flask bottles
  • The integrated handle is easy to carry and allows you to attach it to your pack with a carabiner
  • One-way silicone valve allows air in but keeps your bottle leakproof in a pack or bag
  • High-flow 90-degree bite valve with debris cover
  • Included straw is ready for a 48 oz bottle and can be cut down for a 32 oz
  • Leak-proof guarantee, straight-shouldered semi-buttress threads keep the bottle sealed tight
  • Clear and Orange Swig Rig hoses are 40" long, and the Insulated Swig Rig hose is 39" long with a neoprene construction

***Updated in OCT 2023 with new bite valve and quick disconnect. Photos may not be accurate. More photos coming soon. ***

Hardside Hydration changed the game when it comes to on-the-go hydration systems with the Swig Rig. Offered with clear, orange, or insulated hoses, the Swig Rig gives you the freedom to add drink mixes like MTN OPS Ignite and Wilderness Athlete Hydration and Recovery trail packs to your Nalgene or Hydro Flask for fewer stops and more adventure. The Swig Rig can be run alongside a traditional water bladder when in the field, this allows you to keep fresh water in your pack and an additional mixed drink on your hip belt for those times when water alone isn't enough. The Swig Rig can be easily washed out on the trial so it's ready for refill when you need it. 

Weight Swig 63 Cap - 1.3 oz
Clear/Orange Hose w/ bite valve - 2.3 oz
Insulated Hose w/ bite valve - 2.5 oz
48 oz Nalgene Bottle - 7.1 oz
Hose Length Clear/Orange - 40"
Insulated - 39"
Included with Kit Swig 63 Cap, straw, hose w/ bite valve and cover, hose accessory kit, and spare one-way valve (for Swig 63 Cap)
Compatible with 32/48 oz wide mouth Nalgene bottles and Hydro Flask bottles
Hardside Hydration

Hardside Hydration Swig Rig


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