Stanislawski OnneX Resistance Release



The Stanislawski OnneX Resistance Release features an extremely crisp and adjustable sear system with the ability to configure 2, 3, and 4-finger shooting options.

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Why we like this product

  • Built with new and improved sears resulting in what Stanislawski says is their best resistance yet
  • New sear system provides improved consistency and reliability for repeatable accuracy
  • A great way to get a true back tension release sequence because the release forces you to pull through
  • Stan trainer lock screw allows for simple and safe setup and training while disabling the firing mechanism
  • Loop retainer allows for easy and safe attachment to the bowstring

***Stan offers the OnneX in three sizes where many only offer two. The medium is a smidge to small for most, the XL is for guys that brick and mortar day in and day out. Large is probably the best fit for 80% of customers.***

The Stanislawski OnneX Resistance Release features an extremely crisp and adjustable sear system and the ability to configure 2, 3, and 4 finger shooting options. This well built release provides loads of adjustability and adaptability to your shooting style while providing unmatched accuracy and consistency. Archers can quickly change the release between 2, 3, and 4 finger configurations via a simple 5/64” screw. The included Stan trainer locking screws allows the user to disable the actual firing mechanism while still being able to use the release. This is a great feature for initially setting up the release and extended practice in real world conditions. Heavy Meatal construction adds weight and forgiveness with multiple sizes to comfortably fit any hunters hand. Each OnneX Resistance Release comes with three and four finger attachments, large and small barrels, and two barrel extensions.

Adjustable Tension Yes
Adjustable Travel Yes
Jaw Type Closed
Manufacturer Warranty One-year limited warranty

Stanislawski OnneX Resistance Release


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