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Seek Outside DST Tarp

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-Modular design allows it to be pitched in many different styles or shapes
-Can be used as either a shelter during fair weather or a sun shade for glassing during the hottest, brightest hours of the day
-High quality construction

The Diamond Fly Shelter Tarp, or DST, is extremely versatile. The DST has 16 tie-outs that allow maximum versatility and easy set up. It also has a reinforced center cone where you can put a trekking pole or a sturdy stick as a support. The DST can function as an overnight shelter for up to 2 people or a day shelter while glassing for big game. Included with the tarp is a stuff sack and 1 tube of SilNet seam sealer.

Weight 1 lb 3.5 oz with stuff sack 
Dimensions 112" x 118"
Fabric 30 denier, silicone coated, ripstop nylon
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