Optimus Elektra FE Stove System

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Light and versatile stove system coming in at 1 lb with everything you need for backcountry adventures
  • Includes Crux Lite stove, a heat exchange pot with lid and nonstick coating, clip-on windscreen, clean up sponge and handheld piezo ignitor
  • System offers a 28% faster boil time at 20% fuel savings compared to normal pot with no lid or windscreen

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Large burner head on Crux Lite Stove provides wide heat displacement to prevent spot burning
  • Stove's 10,200 BTU output can boil 1 liter of water in as little as 2 min. 18 sec
  • Stove uses fuel efficiently, with up to 90 min. of output using an 8 oz. fuel canister

When you’re stomach is grumbling at the end of a fun day outdoors, you want food quickly, simply and conveniently – without the need to pack along a monster oven. The Elektra FE Cook System is a fuel-efficient, high-performance wonder – you get a 28% faster boil time at a 20% fuel savings compared to a normal pot with no lid or windscreen. The lightweight system that fits snugly in your pack includes the Crux Lite stove, a heat exchange pot with lid, clip-on windscreen and a handheld Piezo ignitor. I’ll take your “fast” and raise you one: In just over 2 minutes, you have boil and soup’s on! Kit includes the Crux Lite Stove, Piezo ignitor, Clip-on windshield, Terra Weekend HE Cook Set and stuff bag. Fuel canister not included.

Weight 1 lb
Capacity .95 L / 32.1 fl. oz
Dimensions 6.5" x 4.9"
Material Anodized aluminum

Customer Reviews

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Travis Robbins
Great Stove

I purchased this for a backcountry diy archery Mule/Coues deer hunt in Arizona. Easy setup, breaks down for easy storage in pack. It boils water quickly and is easy to light.


This is an awesome unit works great highly recommended

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