Jetboil MightyMo

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The Jetboil MightyMo is a versatile and compact stove that reduces fuel use when cooking in the back country.

Why we love this stove
  • Produce a rolling boil of 1 L of water in about 3 minutes with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems
  • Four-turn regulator offers incremental heat adjustments from light simmer to full boil
  • Accommodates a Jetboil skillet and FluxRing cooking pot without the need for pot support (fuel, skillet, and pot sold separately)
  • Convenient and reliable push-button igniter allows for consistent performance down to 20° F
  • Folds down to 2 in x 3 in without the fuel canister
  • Warranty - 1 year limited warranty

Pack it up and pack it in with this incredibly versatile stove. Spend less time and fuel when boiling water back at camp. The MightyMo features a four-turn regulator giving you the ability to switch from fast boiling water to sautéing veggies to simmering sauces. The MightyMo can accommodate the Summit Skillet and FluxRing cook pot without the need for an additional pot support saving money and weight.

You won't waste anymore time back at camp looking for a lighter with the quick and reliable push-button igniter designed to perform in temps down to 20° F. The MightyMo is the perfect stove for backcountry hunts and works just as well in the camp kitchen.

 Weight (excluding fuel stabilizer) 3.36 oz
Fuel Isobutane
Heat Output 10,000 BTU/h
Dimensions (Packed) 4.1" x 3.75"
Fuel Regulator  Yes
Ignition Type Push Button
Boil Time 3m per 1 liter in FluxRing Pot (sold separately) 
Warranty 1 year Limited

Jetboil MightyMo


Built by GOHUNT

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