Pyro Putty MINI Mega Inferno Ferro Rod

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The Pyro Putty MINI Mega Inferno Ferro Rod is a great addition to any emergency firestarter kit.

Why we like this product
  • Lightweight
  • Robust, durable design and materials
  • Waterproof compartment stores 15 minutes of Pyro Putty Fire Starter
  • Includes one single-use packet of Summer, Winter, and Ultralight blend putty
Starting a fire in the best of conditions can be a chore, add in poor weather like wind and rain and it can be downright impossible. Pyro Putty created an efficient, non-toxic fire-starting solution for the adventurer, hunters, and outdoorsmen. The MINI Mega Inferno Ferro Rod comes with everything you need to start a fire even when the weather turns for the worst. Kit includes the MINI Mega Ferro Rod, multitool knife/striker, and one of each single-use packets, summer, winter, and ultralight blend pyro putty. 
Weight 1.4 oz (ferro rod only)
1.6 oz (ferro rod and multi-tool
2.3 oz (ferro rod, multi-tool, and all single use putty packs)
Kit Includes MINI Mega Ferro Rod (putty holder), Multi-Tool (knife/striker), and three  foil packs of pyro putty (winter, summer, and ultralight blends)
Pyro Putty

Pyro Putty MINI Mega Inferno Ferro Rod


Built by GOHUNT

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