Bohning Cauldron Fletching Jig

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The Bohning Cauldron Fletching Jig is a three vane system that provides the perfect pressure for adhesion.

Why we like this product
  • Three vane jig that fletches three vanes at a time
  • Perfect amount of pressure for maximum adhesion
  • Snap-in inserts are easy to change and do not require tools
  • Pressure ring is adjustable to accommodate micro, small, and standard arrow shafts
  • Easy clean up, inserts can be removed and soaked to remove glue residue
The Cauldron Jig is a three vane fletching system that can fletch all three vanes at once giving you more time on the range and in the field. The Cauldron provides even pressure across the entire vane providing maximum adhesion to the shaft. The snap-in inserts are easily removeable with out the use of tools letting you switch from a three degree right helical to a one degree in no time. No need to remove your nocks for fletching, simply twist the dial at the bottom of the jig to rotate the arrow for perfect indexing every time. The Cauldron Jig features an adjustable pressure ring and can accommodate micro, small, and standard diameter arrow shafts. Cleaning the jig is a cinch, remove the inserts and soak in acetone for an hour to remove glue residue. Everything about the Cauldron makes the fletching process quick and easy, getting you out in the field sooner. This jig includes a three degree right helical and three degree left helical insert.

Bohning Cauldron Fletching Jig


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