Aziak Equipment Bino Clamp

The Bino Clamp by Aziak Equipment is an ultra-lightweight bino adaptor with a streamlined design that features an Arca-Swiss dovetail for quick, easy, and secure mounting.

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Why we like this product

  • Quickly and efficiently mounts binoculars to a tripod
  • Arca-Swiss dovetail & 1/4-20 threaded socket are compatible with most tripod heads and quick attach plates
  • Ultralight and portable only weighing 0.3 oz so you won't even know it's there
  • Easily slides into your bino harness without having to be removed from your binos saving time
  • USA-made, constructed out of nylon which is very flexible and won't scar up your optics housing

***There are multiple clamp options available, please check out our size guide to see which clamp works best for your optic***

Aziak Equipment changes the game with their new Bino Clamp binocular adapter. The new design moves away from the traditional center post adaptor for a clamp style adaptor with an integrated Arca-Swiss dovetail so it can be attached directly to your tripod head without the need for additional plates. Aziak didn't stop there and for more versatility, the Arca-Swiss dovetail also features a 1/4-20 socket you can use to attach various quick-release plates. The ultra-lightweight and durable nylon clamp is very streamlined, so much so that you can easily slide your binos in or out of their harness without having to remove the adaptor clamp saving you time setting up at your spot and quick tear down when you need to get on the chase. The Aziak Equipment Bino Clamp will save you on average 3.3 oz when you make the switch from a Sirui TY-70A plate and Vortex Pro Bino Adaptor.

Weight 0.3 oz
Material Nylon
Tripod Compatible  Yes, Arca-Swiss dovetail with an additional 1/4-20 threaded socket to connect other quick-release plates
Binocular Compatibility See sizing guide
Aziak Equipment

Aziak Equipment Bino Clamp


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