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Zenith Archery Products Bitzenburger Upgrade Kit

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Forget about slippage in your Bitzenburger jig

  • This upgrade kit allows for precision fletching

  • Made out of durable materials that will last you years

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Allows a snug fit and more consistent fletching by removing the nock

  • May not work with jigs 25 years or older

  • Allows for 3 different fletching pattern adjustments

Zenith Archery Products Bitzenburger Upgrade Kit has introduced a newly upgraded nock receiver for your Bitzenburger fletching jig. The replacement body will fit directly into your jig and will still adjust for all three different fletching patterns. The original receiver held the arrow only by a loose fit on the nock. The new receiver comes with two inserts which are held into the body by a long screw which is tightened through the rear of the receiver and will hold the arrows directly, without slippage. One insert is sized to fit snuggly into any arrow which uses a G nock. The second insert does arrows which use pin nocks, holding the pin by the hole in the insert. It also does arrows which use Super nocks (.246 carbon, Super Uni-bushings, etc.) by fitting the insert into the back of the arrow. If the pin holder becomes too loose, just gently squeeze the segments together with a small plier until it holds the pin tightly again. This kit DOES NOT include a sleeve for X or H nocks.

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