TightSpot 5 Arrow Quiver

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Gun Metal
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Kuiu Verde 2.0
First Lite Fusion
Saddle Tan
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goHUNT Highlights 

  • This lightweight 5 Arrow Quiver doubles as a stabilizer balancing out your bow
  • Reduces bow torque with the RightSpot adjustment system
  • Provides super-quiet performance which is ideal for close-in shots
  • Quick Draw Arrow System puts your arrow close at hand for a second shot

Manufacturer Highlights 

  • Weighs only 9.9 oz
  • Holds arrows tight, eliminating lost or dropped arrows
  • Length is 19 3/4
  • Warranty - TightSpot “Iron Clad” Lifetime Guarantee

Keep arrows close to the bow riser with this compact 5 arrow quiver. The lightweight quiver holds five arrows and doubles as a stabilizer with the forward/backward adjustability. It features RightSpot adjustment system that moves the quiver in tight to the bow, eliminating accuracy-robbing bow torque.

Arrow 5
Weight 9.9 oz
Materials Carbon & Aluminum
Length 19 3/4"
Hood to Gripper 18"
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Samuel Airing
Tightspot 5 arrow quiver

Love this quiver the best I ever used so adjustable and light weight!

Kurt Smith
Better Quiver

I've lost a few arrows from my last quiver, falling out in thick brush. The Tight Spot holds them more secure and I haven't lost one yet.

Glen Musser
Tight spot 5

Great quiver

James Reed
Tight spot 5 arrow quiver

Mixed emotions so far. It does hold the arrows nicely and I like how it mounts to the bow. But the mount and the quiver interfere with my adjustable sight, an HHA slider sight. Very awkward to access the slider. I just ordered a bracket from HHA to hopefully fix that, but we will see. Also, it has really added a lot of weight to my bow and I really have to concentrate on not torquing the bow. I haven’t messed with the adjustments on the quiver yet, but I’m afraid I’ll have to have the arrows hanging way below my limbs, or I might have to get another stabilizer on the opposite side to offset that weight. Not the end of the world but I like to keep my bow as light and as simple as possible. I’ll keep playing with it and repost another review if I get it figured out. Just haven’t had time yet.

Anthony Kemper
Good overall

The quiver is gods overall. I went to micro diameter arrow and having the ability to adjust how tight the arrow shaft hold part is perfect. Needed to adjust almost all the way but holds nice and firm. Only concern was on PSE expedite and the nock on 5pin spot hog, the quiver barely fits where it is not touching anything else on the bow. Other than that it’s awesome.

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