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Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg MRT 5 Pin Bow Sight

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Bomb proof 5 pin sight that can also be quickly and easily dialed to exact yardage to extend your range. The Tommy Hogg’s front control yardage adjustment gives bowhunters great quiver clearance without sacrificing sight adjustability. Fixed plate hard mount attaches securely to your bow. MRT (Multi-Ring Technology) pin guard, giving hunters the ability to match the ring to their peep, not matter what size of peep you shoot. Precision-installed level, vertical aiming wire, and bullet proof micro-adjustable pins make this a very user-friendly dependable sight. This sight has all the bells and whistles, giving you the confidence to dial to your exact yardage and make the shot count. 

Sight Type  Slider
Number of Pins 5
Pin Size .019
Weight 1 lb 5 oz
Mounted Length 4 options
Housing Size Approximately 2"
Adjustment  1st, 2nd, & 3rd axis leveling
Material Solid 6061 Aluminum
Warranty Limited Lifetime
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