Slick Trick

Slick Trick Standard Broadheads

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- Hardened steel ferrule with 4 blades and a tip designed for great penetration
- Alcatraz Bladelock system protects and holds blades in position for top performance
- 4 interlocking .035" Lutz German German steel blades

If you're looking for a broadhead with versatility at its core – look no further. The Alcatraz Bladelock system interlocks the blades inside the ferrule for added durability and strength. With perfect geometry for extreme penetration and incredible field tip like flight, the razor sharp Lutz blades cut a devastating four-blade hole with extraordinary performance. This 1" four-blade design out cuts seemingly larger 1 1/8" three-blade broadhead designs by 18% for larger holes, maximum hemorrhaging and short blood trails. 

Type Fixed blade
Weight 100 gr
125 gr
Number of Blades 4
Blade Thickness .030"
Cutting Diameter 1"
Material Steel
Broadheads Per Pack 4
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